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About Us

Design Thinking Workshops in Japan

The DNA of FreshlyGround is to challenge the status-quo asking the hard questions.

We'll admit. We lack a few things...Like attitude, ego, and layers of bureaucracy. We have other things on our mind. Like your bottom line. Where every dollar spent must propel your business forward.


Sure, awards matter; but not at the expense of business results. Don’t get us wrong. Creativity is the hallmark of our agency, and we have plenty of successful stories to share with you. We use strategic and design thinking to provide you with the competitive advantage through improved services and best practices by understanding the end-to-end customer experience journey. 

We identify points of leverage to achieve the best outcomes and goals. Adopting a user-centric approach, we co-design with you, purposeful, effective and efficient interactions that align benefits to the user as well as high levels of successes for your organisation.

About the Co-Founders

Thierry DO

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Customer Experience Maker


Shang LIM

Brand Experience Creator


FreshlyGround PEOPLE

Team of Consultants

Business Advisors

Through a career path that spanned over two decades and three continents, Thierry has honed his skills by deepening his understanding of cultures and people. His experiences include working on the interior design of the first French high-speed train TGV Duplex and infusing people-led innovation culture in large corporations, to heading key national strategies for the government of Singapore, such as putting in place the national Design Thinking framework for Singapore's transformation into the new Asia hub for innovation.

Having been both a practitioner and lecturer in the creative and design field,  Shang brings invaluable branding expertise in Asia Pacific and has worked extensively with consumer insights and innovation for businesses large and small for the last two decades. She previously headed a team for the government of Singapore to plan and strategise, then implement programmes and projects that encourage enterprises to adopt Design Thinking strategies for business growth and innovation.

FreshlyGround People are made up of a team of consultants and advisors who are on the ground running, dealing with the day-to-day aspects of bringing the vision to life, providing insight into what’s working, what isn’t, what support is needed, so on and so forth. Without them, the vision will remain a thought and often, stuck on a Post-It or on the whiteboard. Primarily people-focused, the FreshlyGround People work productively to help bring a vision to fruition in the areas of their expertise.


“Design Thinking Can't Be Disassociated From Design Doing!”


—  Thierry Do

Co-Founder & Customer Experience Maker of FreshlyGround

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