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Co-creating delightful customer experiences and brand strategies with FreshlyGround












Rapid Ethnography & Contextual Inquiry



Specialised Advisory Services

Creating delightful customer experiences is hard but it is one of the most important thing for any business. With over 40 YEARS of COMBINED EXPERIENCE, we use proprietary tools and techniques to support each organisation in a way that is tailored to your specific customer experience needs. In particular, we provide VALUE to organisations by:

Reducing Customer Churn

Customers are constantly being wooed away by competitive offers. Whether they are influenced by better pricing or a better service, a great customer experience can keep them loyal.​

Fostering Repeat Customer and Customer Loyalty

Happy customers are loyal customers. Delivering a consistent customer experience that goes ‘above and beyond’ their previous experiences will lead to customer loyalty, even if it is easier or cheaper to go with another brand.


Increasing Customer Advocacy and Business Referrals

It has been proven that an increase in investment in the customer experience leads to higher customer referral rates and customer satisfaction.​

Increasing Revenue and Sales

Happy and loyal customers mean good business.

Understanding the user’s unmet needs, wants and desires is paramount to creating great customer experiences. We conduct in-depth studies to understand your customers in context, how they live their lives and their interactions with your products and services. Fueled by insights from customer experiences first hand, these insights lead to innovation and new possibilities that make sense to your customers and therefore have high levels of acceptance and success.


We gather intelligence on your brand and help analyse your customers’ conversations to uncover in-depth insights in today’s competitive landscape. We provide:

•  Brand Experience Journey
•  Brand Narrative
•  Brand Positioning
•  Brand Touch Points Design

Persona-Centric Storytelling is used to generate as many new, shared understandings and design ideas as possible. We draw on narrative theories based on factual data (not fictional) from user-research to define what a persona-story is and which narrative elements it should consist of. We develop scenarios through a sequence of episodes that concern the problem or pain point of the user, the goal or objective of your company and the possible solutions (ideas) to reach the goal and the obstacles (causes for customer churn) hindering fulfillment of the goal. 



Customer Journey Mapping is one of the most important elements of customer experience management. However, most companies recognise the difficulties to manage customer journeys in silo-based organisational models, where there is a danger of broken communication and conflicting agendas. We engage with the customer and immerse ourselves in their world in order to understand and illustrate their experiences, challenges, motivations and aspirations. We then organise this understanding into strategy blueprints for service re-design, feasibility exploration, opportunity identification and co-create with you the ideal future state experience to drive commercial benefits.

Process Innovation includes a variety of activities such as qualitative research to understand employees and customer experiences in context, co-creation and people-centered ideation methods, and rapid prototyping to quickly and cheaply test new ideas before investing big in development.



We provide Actionable Insights—the missing link to drive real and meaningful customer experiences and brand strategies from data. Using data, both quantitative (measured) and qualitative (observed), we uncover in-depth insights and prescribe recommendations connecting analytics to actionable insights that can then influence decisions and drive change.

Customer Experiences
Value Creation
Brand Strategies
Data Insights
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