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Discover the Most Liveable City in Asia.

Meet the people from the island nation of Singapore, the epitome of a melting pot, a multiracial, multi-religious society with sunny weather all year long and a colourful mix of local traditions and global influences.

Discover the Most Liveable City in Asia.

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SINGAPORE, 15 Beach Rd, Level 2 Singapore 189677

About The Event

Why Singapore?

The epitome of a melting pot, the island nation Singapore is a multiracial, multi-religious society with sunny weather all year long and a colourful mix of local traditions and global influences. Residents of Singapore enjoy a first-world standard of living amidst a vibrant cultural landscape. The excellent healthcare, housing and education, plus a rich tapestry of green spaces throughout the city are also what contributes to making Singapore one of the best places in Asia to live and raise a family. Its robust economy, highly-educated workforce and excellent connectivity also offer businesses the ideal place to invest with confidence.

You will walk away knowing how to:

• Conduct quick design ethnography to unlock meaningful customer insights,

• Use synthesis techniques to mine insights that can enhance brand experiences and drive revenues,

• Design persona for strategic branding and marketing,

• Create an abundance of ideas,

• Use strategic tools to evaluate and prioritise ideas,

• Prototype winning concepts,

• Test concepts with users, and

• Develop potential enhanced brand experiences and business concept strategies for sustainable competitive advantage.

Participant Profile

This Master Class is designed for mid to senior executives who hold significant responsibility and who want to unlock the potential of people-led innovation approach for their business. Typical participants include CEOs, managing directors, C-suite executives, senior managers, executive vice-presidents, board members and chairpersons. To maximise learning, participants should not come from the same country of the workshop location — SINGAPORE.

Programme Outline


• Understanding the Ground Rules for Effective Innovation

• People-led Innovation Bootcamp

• Understanding User’s Needs, Wants and Desires through Rapid Design Ethnography

• Conducting a Rapid Design Ethnography Fieldwork


• Designing a Persona for Meaningful Innovation and Brand Strategies

• Translating Fieldwork Data into Key Meaningful Insights


• Generating an Abundance of Ideas

• Evaluating and Prioritising Ideas for Sustainable Competitive Advantage

• Exploring New Concepts

• Prototyping New Concepts for User Testing

• Testing New Concepts with Users


• Refining Concepts

• Developing Potential Enhanced Brand Experiences and Business Concept Strategies

The Expert Facilitators

Shang Lim

Shang is Co-Founder and Brand Experience Creator at FreshlyGround. She brings invaluable branding expertise in Asia Pacific and has worked extensively with consumer insights and innovation for businesses large and small. She previously headed a team for the government of Singapore to plan and strategise, then implement programmes and projects that encourage enterprises to adopt Design Thinking strategies.

Thierry Do

Thierry is Co-Founder and Customer Experience Maker at FreshlyGround. Through an atypical career path that spanned over two decades and three continents, Thierry has honed his skills as customer experience maker by deepening his understanding of cultures and people. His experiences include working on the interior design of the first French high-speed train TGV Duplex and putting in place the national Design Thinking framework for Singapore’s transformation into the new Asia’s hub for innovation.

Single seat US$2,204.95 or Multiple seats (2 and above) US$2,004.95

Price includes

• all training materials

• planned cultural activities during the programme

• light refreshments during the workshop

• a party/networking event

• certificate

Price does not include

• banks transfer fees

• food at meal time

• travel expenses & costs

• visa

• accommodation or any other extra expenses

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